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Court's Name Middle District of Alabama
Release Name NextGen CM/ECF Release 1.6 (Revision 1.6.3)
ECF Go Live Date July 22, 2002
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 30
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 10
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Court Locations
Court's Name Middle District of Alabama
Court's Address One Church Street, Montgomery, AL 36104
Court's Phone Number 334-954-3800
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Court's Name Middle District of Alabama, Eastern Division
Court's Address George W. Andrews Federal Building, 701 Avenue A, Opelika, Alabama 36801
(Serving Counties: Chambers, Lee, Macon, Randolph, Russell, Tallapoosa)
Court's Name Middle District of Alabama, Southern Division
Court's Address Federal Bldg and U.S. Courthouse, 100 W. Troy Street, Dothan, AL 36303
(Serving Counties: Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston)

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
PACER Email Address

Flag Definitions
1328iMotion for discharge is to be set for hearing
180BAR180 Day Bar Against Refiling Another Case (See Order Dismissing Case for Specifics)
48MTHBAR48 Month Bar Against Refiling Another Case (See Order Dismissing Case for Specifics)
707bPresumption of Abuse Do Not Discharge
727OBJObjection to the Discharge of the Debtor
ADDCHGChange of Address
ASSETAsset Case
AUDITCase Selected for Audit
AudioReqAudio Recording Order Received
AwBAOmBudAwaiting BA to Appoint Ombudsman
AwBAact1Awaiting Response of BA to Trustee's Final Application
AwBAact2Awaiting BA to set 341 Meeting
AwBAact3Awaiting BA Report on Disclosure Statement
AwBAact4Awaiting BA Reconcile Checks
AwBAact5Awaiting BA Response to Application To Employ Professional Person(s)
AwBAact6Awaiting BA Response to Application for Approval of Professional Fees
AwCAact1Awaiting ADI Order Confirming Ch 13 Plan
AwCAact10Awaiting CA to Prepare Order on Final Application
AwCAact11Awaiting CA to Review Proceeding For Closing (ADV)
AwCAact12Awaiting Order on Motion to Dismiss Ch 13 Case (Debtor's Voluntary Motion)
AwCAact13Awaiting Order on Motion to Convert Ch 7 Case to Ch 11/12/13
AwCAact14Verify Dismiss Date does NOT appear on Docket Sheet
AwCAact15Awaiting CA to Prepare Notice to File Claims (Ch 7 Asset)
AwCAact16Awaiting CA to Verify Creditor Matrix and/or Filing Fees Pd in Prev Ch-prepare order to pay fee in
AwCAact17Awaiting CA to Issue Summons
AwCAact18Awaiting CA To Transfer Case Out of ALMB
AwCAact19Awaiting IMMEDIATE transmit to District Court (Certified copy of Certificate and M/Withdrawal of Ref
AwCAact2Awaiting CA Order of Dismissal on TR's Motion to Dismiss
AwCAact20Awaiting CA to issue summons on debtor and mail summons to petitioning creditors.
AwCAact21Verify if TR files an AP in Ch 7 no asset case. If so docket court event fee deferred.
AwCAact22CA email Op Spec (cc: Intake) on TR Rejection of Appointment
AwCAact23Prepare Certificate of Mailing and Serve/Mail copy of BA Motion to Dismiss Case and Notice of Hearin
AwCAact24Awaiting CA to Prepare Notice to File Claims (Ch. 7 No Asset)
AwCAact25Awaiting BNC Certificate of Service for 341 Meeting of Creditors
AwCAact26Awaiting BNC Certificate of Service for Chapter 13 Plan
AwCAact27Awaiting CA To Generate Possible Asset Notice
AwCAact29Awaiting CA to Reissue an Amended 341 Notice
AwCAact3Awaiting CA Order Discharging Debtor After Completion of Ch 13 Plan
AwCAact30Awaiting Order on Motion for Adequate Protection and/or Motion to Extend Time for Tax Returns
AwCAact31Awaiting CA to verify Small Business Status in Chapter 11 Case
AwCAact32Awaiting CA to verify 341 Meeting had been held
AwCAact33Awaiting CA to review case for discharge requirements
AwCAact34Awaiting CA to add party as a Corporate Parent
AwCAact35Send Notice to all creditors regarding Material Misstatement - Audit Rpt.
AwCAact36Awaiting CA to verify current address/name of debtor
AwCAact37Awaiting CA to unterm original motion response deadline when amended motion filed
AwCAact38Awaiting CA to verify 341 has been set. If not set contact OPS
AwCAact39Awaiting CA to Verify Schedules/Statement and 341 Meeting Set After Deadline
AwCAact4Awaiting CA Closing Order Approving Account and Discharging Trustee (Ch 13 Conversion)
AwCAact40Awaiting CA to docket Notice of Commencement of Ch. 11 case
AwCAact41Awaiting CA Closing Order Discharging Standing Trustee (Ch 13 Closing w/out Discharge)
AwCAact42Close Adversary Case
AwCAact43Awaiting CA to add trustee & docket 341 Meeting of Creditors of Ch. 12 case
AwCAact5Awaiting CA Modify Claim(s) from Order
AwCAact6Awaiting CA Closing Order Discharging Standing Trustee (Ch 13 Dismiss/Discharge)
AwCAact9Awaiting Order on Trustee's Motion to Strike or Reclassify Claims
AwCLMact1Awaiting Claim Modification Action
AwNtcAppealAwaiting Notice of Appeal
AwOAact1Waiting for Chief Deputy to enter Clerk's Entry of Default
AwOPact1Awaiting Operation Spec. Notice of Confirmation Hearing
AwOPact2Awaiting CA Order Resetting Mtg of Creditors and Hrg on Modified Plan
AwOPact22TR Rejection of Appointment
AwOPact3Op Specialist Awaiting Notice of Commencement-notify chambers to prepare notice
AwTRact1Awaiting TR Certificate of Service for 341 Notice and Deadlines
AwTRact2Awaiting TR Income Withholding Order
AwTRact3Awaiting Final Report and Final Account of Ch 13 Trustee (Payments to Creditors) - Conversion
AwTRact4Awaiting Final Report and Final Account of Ch 13 Trustee (Payments to Creditors) - Dismiss/Discharge
BAClsReqBA Close Ch 7 Asset Request
BAPlanRecBankruptcy Administrator Plan Recommendation
BARBar Against Refiling Another Case for a Slated Period (See Order Dismissing Case for Specifics)
BARecCCBA Recommendation on Creditor Committee
BArespBankruptcy Administrator Response
BNCQGenerate BNC Notices
BaIncBA - Auditor Report Incomplete - Unable to Determine
BaMisBA - Material Misstatements Found by Auditor
CANTCLOSECase Reviewed but Cannot be Closed
CANTDISCHCase Reviewed But Cannot Be Discharged
CAalert1Awaiting Proceeding Memo Approving Final Application form CRD
CAremarkCA Remark
CHMClsReqChambers Close Case Request
CLOSEDCase Closed
COLLECTStart Collection Process
COLLECT1First Collection Letter Sent
CONSConsolidated Case
CONVERTEDCase Converted
CRDRespAwaiting CRD to set BA Response for hearing
ClaimNtcSentAwaiting CA To Generate Possible Asset Notice
CounDueCredit Counseling Certification Due- Do Not Discharge
CounDueJTCredit Counseling Certificate Due- Jt Debtor- Do Not Discharge
CredAddAdd the new address for this creditor to the creditor list
DISMISSEDCase Dismissed
DeBNDebtor's Electronic Noticing Request
DebtEdFinancial Mgmt Course document not filed- Do Not Discharge
DebtEdJTFinancial Mgmt Course document not filed- Jt Debtor- Do Not Discharge
DefB21Form 121 Deficiency
DeferDischDischarge date has been extended or deferred
DeficientDeficiency noted
DeniedDischargeDenial of Discharge
DeniedDischargeDBDenied Discharge for Debtor only
DeniedDischargeJDBDenied Discharge for Joint Debtor only
DirAplA Direct Appeal has been filed to Circuit Court- Do Not Discharge
Disch522Debtor(s) Certification Regarding 522(q) Discharge Requirements
DischDSODebtor(s) Certification Regarding Domestic Support Obligations
Dismiss1One debtor dismissed
DschDebtDischarge Debtor
DsclsDueDisclosure Statement Due
EMERGENCYEmergency Filing
ExhibitExhibit has been filed
FEEDUEFee Due On Deferred Cases Where Motion To Reopen Case And AP Cases Where Filing Fee Was Deferred
FUNDSFunds Deposited in Court Registry
FUNDSUnclmUnclaimed Funds
FeeDeferFees Deferred
FeeDue1Filing Fee Due Other Then New Case (Financial)
FeeDueAMDFee Due on Amended Submission
FeeDueAdvFiling Fee Due for Adversary Proceeding
FeeDueINSTInstallment Payment Due
FeeDueOTHFee Due Other
FeeDuePrvFees Due On Previous Filings
FeeDueServOutstanding Fees Due
FeeWaivedFees Waived
FinalInstallmentFinal Installment flag for Balance Due Report
HRGMotion to Set Hearing
HRGSTYWaiting CA and/or CRD to set M/Extend Stay for Hearing
IFPin forma pauperis. Debtor Fees Waived
IFPPendIFP Status Pending
INTRAIntra-Distict Transfer
INVOLPETInvoluntary Petition
IneligCloseIneligible for auto close
IneligDischIneligible for discharge
JNTADMNJointly Administered
JUDGMTJudgment Entered
LEADLead Case
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard
MiscFeesDueMisc. Fees Due
MotionPndDischMotion pending on the case that prevents it from being discharged
MotionReopenA motion to reopen case deferring or waiving the fee has been filed. Verify fee is not due.
NTCAPRNotice of Appearance
NoAutoDischDo not allow Auto Discharge for this case
OBJDISCHObjection to Discharge
ObjClmValObjection to Valuation in Claim
OmBudNeeds Order Directing Trustee to Appoint Ombudsman
OverrideCreditor filed address for override in this case only. Change address within 5 days.
PRVDISCHPrevious Discharge of Debtor- Research before Discharge
PRVDISMDebtor has been previously Dismissed - Research before Discharge
PlnAssumeSet Sard Code CM06 - Motion to Assume Contract/Leases
PlnDuePlan Due
PlnLienSet Sard Code CM07 - Motion to Avoid Lien
PlnRejectSet Sard Code CM06 - Motion to Assume Contract/Leases
PlnSurrenderSet Sard Code CM03 - Motion to Surrender Collateral
PlnValueSet Sard Code CM27 - Motion for Valuation of Security
PriorBarDebtor Barred in Prior Case
ProSeESROpened from an eSR package
PubTransUnavailTranscript Unavailable to the Public
REAFReaffirmation Agreement Hearing Set - Do Not Discharge
REOPENEDReopened Case
RESERVOrder on Motion to Reserve Assets
ReafHdShpPresumption of Undue Hardship- Set for Reaf Hearing- Do Not Discharge
RepeatRepeat Filer- Research- Do Not Discharge
Repeat-ALMBprior BK filing within this court
RepeatPACERprior BK filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
ReptRecomReport and Recommendation Filed
ReptrecAwaiting order from District Court on Report and Recommendation
ReqSepNtcDebtor's Request for Separate Notice
ResJudgAwaiting CA to docket Certified Copy of Docket Report
RevokedDischargeRevoked Discharge
RevokedDischargeDBRevoked Discharge of Debtor Only
RevokedDischargeJDBRevoked Discharge of Joint Debtor Only
SPLITCASEJoint Case Severed
SingAssetReEstSingle Asset Real Estate
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusSmall Business Expanded Tracking Requirements for Chapter 11
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
TFRQTrustee's Final Report needs to be queued to BNC
TRANSINCase Transferred into the District
TRANSOUTCase Transferred Out of District
TRCQTransfer of Claim needs to be queued to BNC
TaxReqRequest for Copy of Debtor's Tax Information- No Discharge Until Info Provided
ToDistrictWithdrawal Reference to District Court
TrFnlRptActFinal Report and Final Account of Ch 13 Trustee (Payment to Creditors)
TreasOffTreasury Offset
UCF21Unclaimed Funds 21 day objection due date for Financial Dept.
UCF30Unclaimed Funds Deficiency
UCFundsRelease funds from court registry
WTRSVRENDWithdrawal of Trustee Services Rendered
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package
feedefadFee Deferred

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